Logo Design vol. 2
A collection of logos for various clients & projects.
Profane Omen -CD & LP Design
Where it Hurts the Most
Album artwork & design.
LiDL STORiES - Illustration & Book Design
Logo Design / Book Design / Illustration / Infographics
Heiluri - Single Cover Artwork
Illustration & cover design for Sata Kaskelottia.
VKD Campaign 2017-2018 - Visual Identity
Visual Identity / Logo Design / Web Design / Printed Media / Illustartion
VKD18 -Campaign Illustrations
Leskentekijä - Cover Artwork
Cover artwork for a single by Sata Kaskelottia.
Sydän on Vuori - Album Artwork
Illustration & Design for Sata Kaskelottia.
Logo Design vol. 1
A collection of logos for various clients & projects.
Ooka - Album Cover Artwork
Illustration & design for Profane Omen.
Young People's Dreams - Illustration & Book Design
Various illustrations and book design for a guide.
10 Tips for Students - #Kunkoululoppuu Magazine
Magazine Illustration
Students and Money - #Kunkoululoppuu Magazine
Magazine Illustration
Your Royal Madness - Album Cover Art
Album Artwork
Levymekka - Visual Identity for a Record Shop
Visual identity, logo design and illustration.
Soda Shop - Spot Illustrations
Illustration / Character Design
Summer Job Essentials - Poster
Illustartion / Poster Design
Eco Design
Editorial illustration / T-Lehti
Pain & Pleasure
Visual identity for Apocryphal Voice.
Poster Design / Winner of Mainoskupla 2008 professional category.
TAT Exhibition Wall - Character Design
Character Design, Illustration and Layout Design.
Ukiyo-e Style Illustration 1
Concept art for a rock band.
#DUUERI -Campaign Illustrations
Character design and spot illustrations for a campaign.
Rohkea Suomi 2014
Booklet Design / Infographics / Illustration
Infographics 2012-2014
Various illustrations for #KKL Magazine.
Promentor Web
Interface design and illustration for various online language training courses.
Development Cooperation Report
Illustration, cover and layout design.
Album Graphics 2014
Logos & album graphics for Fiinnish rock bands.
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